• For Startups & SMEs to pitch journalists face-to-face

    22 Mar 16 . 1400 - 1600 . Cocoon . Deadline: 5pm on 19Mar16

    The 1st Media Pitch Day in HK

  • Media Pitch Day - 1st media platform for startup & SME

    Similar to investor pitch day, Startups & SMEs pitch investors for investment face-to-face and now they can pitch journalists sitting in front of them for free media coverage.


    8 Selected teams will be presenting their story & business to 4 journalists, make them interested in your business and write a feature story for you. 


    Pitching media is hard. Hiring traditional PR agency is expensive and not affordable for Startups & SMEs. HelloReporter not only brings affordable PR solution to Startups & SMEs with our cutting-edge technology, but'll also organizes this offline event regularly so as to help more Startups & SMEs to tell the world about their stories & products via media.

  • 8 startups & smes to pitch media -  5 min pitch + Q & A

    To pitch media, usually you have to figure out their email & phone first, write a prss release and pitch them via email or phone.However, you never get the chance to pitch them face-to-face. At our 1st Media Pitch Day, you are not only able to pitch your story to journalists sitting in front of you, you pitch to 4 media outlets in one go!

    4 journalists from both print & online media to listen to the pitch

    Four media outlets will send their journalist to listen to the story of 8 startups. PR agency use press release & call. But now, you pitch journalists face-by-face.

    pitching teams from top incubations, accelerators & startup organizations

    E.g. Science Park, Cyberport, AppWorks, BluePrint, Google EYE, Seedstars World, Cocoon, WTIA, Tuspark, The Hive etc . We have over 20 supporting organizations, covering the majority of HK startups .

    welcome all great stories: 

    both tech & non-tech  

    HelloReporter has a mission to help all Startups & SMEs to get media exposure. Whatever you are tech startup, brick & mortar store, hardware maker, fashion designer, as long as you have a great story, you should join us!

  • Media coverage is great for startups & SMEs

    Massive Traffic + User Acquisition + Sell More + Trustable Branding + Quality Backlinks

    but Traditional PR is too expensive for startups & SMEs

    They charge $20k per month + 6 month retainer fee ...

    pr solution for Startups & SMEs powered by technology

    - both online & offline

    Leverage technology to streamline & standardize PR process so we can offer affordable media pitching service without any retainer to provide the best flexibility to Startups & SMEs

    the 1st media pitch day in hk

    With our mission to provide tailor-made PR service for Startups & SMEs, we organize this event to make it the best regular platform for HK's Startups & SMEs to pitch media.

  • Media outlets

    Both print media & online media

    4 Journalists

    are waiting for your great story




    Ming Pao

    Wai Kit

    East Week Magazine


    Metro Daily


  • Selection criteria for 

    pitching startups & SMEs

    Every startup & sme have incredible story . Apply before 5pm on 19Mar16

    Applicants have to do both online application & register on EventBrite.

    Selected teams will be announced on 20Mar16

    A great story

    It can be anything

    The story can be about the product, the team or anything but it has to be unique and interesting e.g. The product has pivoted for 10 times / CEO is only 16 years old / big change just happened etc

    Not yet over-exposed to media

    Help not only great startup & sme, but also under-radar team

    Great story & product deserves more attention, we are here to help the public to discover great things, especially those under-radar teams. For great teams without too much media coverage, we also love to have you :)

    It's not an investor pitch

    Don't worry we only pick big & mature startup

    Traction, user number, revenue, fund raised amount are important but they are not the only criteria for journalist. What media wants most is story which their readers are interested in.

    Selected teams must attend mini PR workshop 

    30min with each team . 21Mar16 

    We understand you have lots of experience in pitching investor. But journalist is different from investor, we will help you to fine tune your pitch so you have better chance to get journalist to write about your business.

  • Hong Kong's 1st media pitch day

    For Startups & SMEs & People interested in startup

  • Hong Kong's 1st Media Pitch Day for Startups & SMEs 

    22Mar2016 . 1400 - 1600 . Cocoon

    Apply before 5pm on 19Mar16


    Even you are not entrepreneur, come to witness the 1st Media Pitch Day for your future venture

  • PR for STartups . by startup . Powered by technology

    HelloReporter & HelloPR is a PR startup, incubated in Google EYE. Since PR is too expensive and only affordable for big corporates, we leverage technology to provide tailor-made PR service for Startups & SMEs. As we are a team of Coders & PR experts, HelloReporter reinvents the traditional PR process by technology to make PR affordable and abandons the retainer fee model to provide the best flexibility to Startups & SMEs.